Grow Mentoring individuals through the process of changing the way they think, feel, and act, by following the biblical example of Jesus Christ.
Gather Building an authentic Christ-Centered Community through sharing love, experiences and life-challenges.
Glorify Not an event but a relentless submission of our lives to God that we will actively reflect the life of Jesus.
Give Loving God and people, with joy and thanksgiving by offering time, talent and resources to fulfill God’s purpose.
Go Compassionately engaging people where they are in a desire to bring them to where they need to be in Jesus through authentic relationships.

Our Core Values

Biblical Authority

We regard the Bible as the foundation of our faith, believing it is God’s inspired Word.

Holy Spirit Empowerment

Believing that what God requires of each one of us is impossible in human strength, we rely exclusively on the power that is provided by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Apart from him, nothing is possible but with him all things are possible.

Excellence in Ministry

We believe that excellence is a careful balance between honoring our past successes while remaining focused on our future. We reject the idea of arrival and embrace the journey toward perfection in all we do for God, one another, our community and our world. We are committed to continual evaluation of all we do that God may be praised in it.


Submitting ourselves to God and to one another through ministry involvement which is necessary for growth and development

Relational Evangelism

Following the example of Jesus, we will develop real relationships, meet people where they are and walk with them on the path that leads to Salvation through Christ.

Disinterested Benevolence

We believe that the highest form of love is emptied of all selfishness and self-interest and is focused on the interests of God first and others second.

We are an Assemblies of God church and adhere to the 16 fundamental truths.

16 Fundamental Truths